In order to promote distinctive education and help more children get access to superior education resources, Mr. Cao Lunhua set up Lunhua Education in August 2015, putting educational ideas into practice so as to build a world class cultural field and help students develop their intercultural emotional intelligence, social responsibility and global competency. Under the concept of "Broad knowledge for global citizens and enlightened wisdom for fulfilled lives", Lunhua Education has established 7 schools, several kindergartens and early learning centers and education-related corporations in 4 cities within 3 different provinces in the last five years. All these new education institutions will be provided with its broad-based education curriculum with unique intercultural approach in terms of pedagogy, leading Lunhua Education to become a major quality education services provider in China, ranging from pre-school education, foundation education, high-level training programs, foreign teachers' recruitment and training to admission guidance and international education cooperation.

In June 2018, Lunhua Education signed a cooperative agreement with British Reading School and enjoys its exclusive naming right in China.

LHEG was established by Mr. Cao Lunhua, a scholar in America, professor level senior teacher, special-grade senior teacher, school inspector of Suzhou municipal government, and master's supervisor of Soochow University. Mr. Cao is a pioneer of reform in education and teaching, and also a practitioner in developing diversified international curricula. He and his team established a series of distinctive classes, including Girls' Class, International Class, Elite Girls’ Class, Elite Boys’ Class, Curriculum Reform Experimental Class and Foreign Languages Class. He successfully operates this unique chain combining both international and domestic education from kindergarten to high school. This special educational philosophy and model is known as “Lunhua Education Pattern”. Schools that adopt this pattern made great achievements in domestic and international curriculum evaluations. Students who benefit from this pattern are not only excellent English communicators and academic performers, but also outstanding cultured and refined talents.

With 70% of its staff having had overseas educational experience, Lunhua Education Group consists of various departments and runs featured school entities. Departments under the group include Human Resources, Financial Management, Administrative Management, Corporation Publicity, High-end Training, Pre-school Education, Program Development, and Overseas Exchanges. LHEG owns Suzhou Science & Technology Town Foreign Language School, Changshu International School, Jining Confucius International School, Jining Hi-Tech Zone Chongwen School,Jining Hi-tech Zone Liaohe New City Foreign Language School,Yiwu Qunxing Foreign Languages School, Boren HR Consulting, Lunzhou Cultures Consulting, Lunhui Cultures Consulting. It is also entrusted as general agency of Twinklekidz, a famous brand of pre-school education brand in Singapore. With its business spanning the booming coastal regions of Shandong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, LHEG is moving forward to a brighter future.

Dedicated to international education, Lunhua Education Group maintains close ties with prestigious schools (e.g. Eton College, Hwa Chong Institution, and Bachillerato Tajamar) from developed countries like the USA, the UK, Australia, Singapore, Canada and Spain. Each year, students here enjoy numerous exchange opportunities to study in the US, UK and Australia for two weeks to three months.

Lunhua Education's philosophy is to “deliver a unique education and enable more kids to enjoy premium educational resources.” Rooted in the passion of “China soul” and “China connection”, schools at Lunhua introduce excellent educational resources and evaluation system. All the schools offer language immersion programs and diversified classes, aiming to develop well-rounded students with global vision through enhancing multilingual proficiency, developing leadership and cultivating social responsibility.

Distinctive Two-system Education - Pioneered by Lunhua Education

Early Education & Kindergarten
International: Fusion Department Fusion Department, K3 Domestic: Experimental Class
Primary School
International: Strengthening Basic Disciplines and Fusion Fusion Department 2 Fusion Department 1, Girls’ Class Fusion Department 1, International Class Domestic: Experimental Class
International: Spring Board Fusion Department 3 Domestic: Elite Class Bohui Elite Girls’ Class Plurilingual Class
Middle School
International: Sino-Australian IB DP Class Sino-British Class Sino-German Class Sino-Spanish Class AP Class A Level Class Domestic: Elite Class Plurilingual Class
High School
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