"Bohui Cup" Basketball Match丨 a Sports Carnival of Lunhua Education

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On October 19, 2018 at 8:30 in the morning, the fourth Lunhua Education "Bohui Cup" Basketball Match was held at the school gymnasium of Suzhou Science & Technology Town Foreign Language School. “Bohui Teams” from five entity schools of Lunhua Education gathered together, sharing the feast of basketball all-star.


As a culture brand of Lunhua Education, "Bohui Cup" Basketball Match is not only a sports match, but also a sports carnival of Lunhua family members. Members from Lunhua Education entity schools fighted for the team honor, which helped to strengthen the team spirit and  develop deep friendship!


Lu Jun, deputy director of Suzhou High-Tech Zone Education Bureau, exclaimed with emotion: "Lunhua Education not only inspired High-Tech Zone with Bohui ideology, but also activated the campus with Bohui Basketball Match. Principal Cao is such an education practitioner with the spirit of struggle fearless of challenges"




Cao Lunhua, founder and general principal of Lunhua Education encouraged everyone: "we wish to promote the interaction and communication among different schools via such activities, which further strengthens group execution. As a practical education team with the pursuit of innovation, what we do is not only a job, instead, it carries a kind of social responsibility and mission."




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