Education Supervisor丨Thinking while Practicing, Arrive the Future with Professionalism

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On September 11-12, Mr. Ang Wee Hiong headed for the entity school-- Suzhou Science & Technology Town Foreign Language School, and provided multi-directional and multi-level evaluation to the kindergarten, international high school, the IB curriculum guidance center.

At the kindergarten, he did the analysis and evaluation on the 58 items of 7 categories on the feedback form one by one from the current situation. At the same time, he also helped clear the thoughts of the top design for the kindergarten management team. He was professional, meticulous and rigorous.

At the international high school, he pointed out that the curriculum needs to be based on professional, accurate grasp of subjects, based on the insight into the children’s nature and their ability to learn; through the assembling combination of different courses, it needs to lay a foundation for the students to apply for university in the future; at the same time, it needs balancing the development of students' comprehensive ability; the entrance guidance in course selection shall be provided to students, to help students to optimize their choices; and after the students enter higher institutes, the tracking service shall be provided, thus to enhance Lunhua Education brand from several aspects.

During his exchanges with Ms. Zhang Tong, Principal of Suzhou Science & Technology Town Foreign Language School, and Ms. Seema Paul, the IB Programme Director, Mr. Ang Wee Hiong provided guiding opinions from curriculum design, teacher development and future planning.

In the process of education supervision of Suzhou Science & Technology Town Foreign Language School, there are top level architectural analysis of the guiding ideology, the analysis of vision culture, practical teaching strategies and management details, as well as comments of shortcomings and solutions.

Mr. Ang Wee Hiong said: Lunhua Education is developing fast. From the overall strategic planning, such awareness is needed while promoting internal planning and development:

1, Core value consciousness. Educators need to have a common idea and move towards the same direction;

2, Team spirit and the consciousness of general situation. In an education team, everyone needs to look at each other; parent-school relationship also needs to form a linkage;

3, Fusion consciousness. Grasp the current policy, and keep a harmonious relationship with the environment of the world.

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