Bohui College丨 In Zhejiang University, the learning ability and the growth strategy are stimulated

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From August 10 to 13, the senior management team of Lunhua Education came to Hangzhou, a city integrating quality of creativity and originality. The team was going to participate in the senior management training of Lunhua Education 2018 entitled "Intellectual Enlightenment and Co-Creation with Wisdom" organized by Zhejiang university. Here it opened a window for future education; it served as a pulse of the connection of thoughts, and the space for shared communication.

As a key section of "Bohui Talent Quality Promotion Plan", the training hopes to start from the dimensions of thinking, tools, methods, plan and systematic learning map, to refine and extract the organization and management experience. The goal is to form the ability of its own intellectual precipitation, to stimulate the learning ability and and growth of management talents, and further to enhance the professional core value.

During the four days of time, with eight lectures, famous scholars and famous enterprise executives, with the theory of full flesh and blood, personalized cutting-edge teaching examples, helped each student comb the knowledge structure, innovate the teaching technology, widen the educational thinking, and guide the future path with firm actions.

On August 13, the closing ceremony and report of the senior management training was held. Revolving around six themes including "time management and efficiency", "the quality of school management", "education rigour", "innovative thinking and problem solving", "manager mentality shape", "high performance team building", 11 groups shared and met their thoughts with the thinking during the training.

On August 13, Lunhua Education held the principal team meeting. "In the next 10 years, what will happen?", "Ten major development trends of future Chinese education", " Opportunities, difficulties and challenges of Lunhua Education", "How to promote brand value? how to efficiently improve hierarchical management?" ...Around such questions on development of the school curriculum, talent and brand, Mr. Cao Lunhua offered deep analysis by "fine management, professional courses, activities as the carrier", and gave the development direction of schools clearly.

We are treading on thin ice every day to think, because changes take place in every moment, far beyond imagination. It only takes 4 days to participate in the training and learning, but afterwards in 361 days, it is the beginning of a new dream.

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