What the Heart Bears, the Action Follows丨Warm a City by “Greetings of Love”

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At the time of bidding farewell to 2018 and embracing 2019, the “Greetings of Love” 2019 New Year’s charity concert, hosted by Lunhua Education and undertaken by Suzhou Science and Technology Town Foreign Language School, was grandly opened at Suzhou Culture and Arts Center. Students from Bohui classes of SSFLS presented an artistic feast with symphony, opera and stage play. They started a brand new 2019 with a philanthropic soul and a charitable event, and played the warmest chords with love in winter. All proceeds from the sale of the concert tickets were donated to Suzhou Autism Research Institute.   

As a signboard of the non-profit cultural brand of Lunhua Education, the “Greetings of Love” 2019 New Year’s charity concert was more than just a feast of melody and notes. It was a glorious chapter of great love in the world. Being a kind of culture, it was also a crystallization of the warmth, emotion, kindness and philanthropy in the hearts of Lunhua people.


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