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To all the friends who care, support and trust Lunhua Education

Lunhua Education Management Team and the whole teaching staff wish you a Happy New Year!

2018 marks a year of craftsmanship for Lunhua Education. As educators, we protect the future and shape hope. There are no existing models to replicate, no rules to measure with, no highest standards to refer to, only unremitting efforts.

2018 marks a year of exploration. We innovate in persistence. We guard devotion and professionalism. We stay unshakable to quality, cultural inheritance, self-cultivation, gaining inexhaustible vitality with open minds. 

2018 marks a year for brand activation. We hold strong curiosity and grow wiser with children. We stay true to our original aspiration and remain enthusiastic to the educational cause. We abandon stereotypes and iterate minds. Thus to help students enjoy the nurture of sunshine and dew in education and thrive.

2018 marks a year of ground-breaking. We fully realize that only when we refuse remote fancy dreams and empty voices while choosing dedication, down-to-earth spirit, can we guard the battlefield of education.

We fear no failure, because that’s what leads to success. We fear no vicissitudes, because we’re on a different educational road!

Looking back at 2018, thanks to you, we walked steady and calm. Thanks to the united team, we stay undefeatable.

At the time of bidding farewell to the old and ushering in to the new, we wish you a Happy Pig Year! All the Best! Happy Family Union! Happy New Year!

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