Moved once, Settled always | Here I rest, here I stay

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     On Jan. 31st, at Suzhou Huayi Brothers Movie World - the first international movie culture experience program in China possessing its own movie IP - Lunhua Education held the annual award meeting of 2018. In the end of this lunar year representing harvest and abundance, Lunhua people warmly gathered together to honor the glory, telling the stories, washing the dust of the past year, and rekindling the fire of the original dream.

As the most ceremonial gathering, the annual meeting concluded the past and looked into the future. At this moment when families are reuniting, we held this grand award ceremony. Each award carried uncounted Lunhua people’s wisdom and effort. Cautious and conscientious, and remaining true to the original aspiration, we sent away 2018. Daring and energetic, and forging ahead, we are embracing 2019.

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