TEFL 10 丨 Three years, ten sessions, ten keywords

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     On July 8, 2019, at the GreenTree Inn from Science and Technology Town, the tenth training session organized by TEFL in China (Suzhou) arrived on schedule. As the only TEFL training and teaching center in Jiangsu Province, TEFL in China (Suzhou) this time attracted 9 foreign teachers from the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Grenada, India and other countries, and 20 Chinese bilingual teachers from Lunhua entity schools.

For the educational public welfare and the mission of education, Lunhua Education has organized ten TEFL in China trainings in three years. With high quality education information, original contents, learning materials, rigorous teaching and course training, 100% of the passing rate, the training has been unanimously approved by education experts, government officials at all levels, and Chinese and foreign teachers. In the future, we expect TEFL to play a greater role, and we also look forward to spreading high-quality ideas to more regions.



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