Empowerment 丨Embrace the emerging future when the wind rises on the banks of the Pujiang River

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From July 29 to August 2, 2019, the Collect strategies widely· Guide the world wisely 2019 annual training class for the management of middle and senior administer staff was held in Shanghai, sponsored by Shanghai Jiaotong University and organized by Lunhua Education. In this Shanghai cultural center city, where it is widely inclusive as the saying the sea is open to all rivers and at  this campus with the school motto When you drink water, never shall you forget its source. Love your motherland and bring honor to your alma mater, with an open mind, innovative form and professional attitude, we expanded the boundaries of thinking, accumulated management experience, refined and combed the structure of professional knowledge. We improved the core values, and started a journey of chasing dream about education and ingenuity.

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