Suzhou Reading School Opens in September 2021

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      Since the groundbreaking ceremony of Suzhou Reading School as well as the signing ceremony of the cooperation between Lunhua Education and Shanghai Lujiazui Properties on November 2nd, 2018, the whole nation has been following closely on the latest status of the school. On October 23rd, Mark Faulkner, member of the Board of Directors of the British Reading School, Chris Evans, Vice President of the British Reading School and Richard Kemp, International Advisor of Lunhua Education visited Suzhou and conducted a thorough educational evaluation of the Suzhou Reading School project. They have all expressed their confidence and high expectations about the development of the school in the near future and hope to see the brand of this international school firmly established in Suzhou and even across the whole country someday. Suzhou Reading School is expected to open in September 2021. The school aspires to build itself as a modern educational institution with vigorous innovation, global vision, diversity, ecological footprints and humanistic care.


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