How Does Education Look Ahead? From Building a Fusion Community

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On October 25-27, 2019, Mr. Cao Lunhua, founder and chief principal of Lunhua Education, led the team and was invited to attend RAISE2019 Asian international school conference in Shenzhen. Under the theme of "promoting transnational communication and cooperation among schools", more than 100 important guests and 1500 international school representatives from over 20 countries gathered here. As a special guest, Mr. Cao Lunhua launched the keynote speech with Ms. Wu Zhilan, director of the career development center of Suzhou Science and Technology Town Foreign Language School(SSFLS), indicating influential and instructive ideas, and revealing participation, thinking, concept and practice of Lunhua Education for many years, which can be used for references by many colleagues, and is praised and approved by the participants.

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