From the podium to the arena, today, you are the "Bo Hui" MVP!

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On the morning of November 2, 2019, at Changshu International School, the fifth "Bohui Cup" basketball game was opened. The Bohui Teams from Lunhua Education entity schools gathered here to share the basketball all-star feast with the spirit of fighting for honor.

Sport is an effort, a struggle, and a belief; Education is a kind of wisdom, a kind of feeling, and also a kind of responsibility. The spirit of education is just like the spirit of basketball. Only when there are numerous unknown grindings under the court and every step is taken well, can there be applause and bloom on the court.

As a sign of the cultural activities of the Lunhua Education, the "Bohui Cup" basketball game is a kind of sports competition. It is a platform for teachers from entity schools to compete on the same stage and meet friends. It is a bridge for the Lunhua family to enhance exchanges and build friendship. It is a portrayal of the unity and struggle of all members from Lunhua Education.

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