G5 Youth Power丨An Entire Student-led Summit of Youth Leaders

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      On November 4th, 2019, Suzhou Science and Technology Town Foreign Language School, a subsidiary of Lunhua Education, officially unveiled the first G5 International Youth Leaders Summit. It was jointly proposed and organized by three parties---Mr. Hong Weixiong, former senior inspector of Singapore Ministry of Education, and general inspector of Lunhua Education; Mr. Bana, chairman and CEO of BINUS University and Jianguo Education Group; Mr. Cao Lunhua, founder and general principal of Lunhua Education.

This was a round-table summit for in-depth exchanges and a grand occasion for young people to display their talents and tap into their potential. It was also a grand gathering for students to conduct international communication and achieve cultural integration. The exchanges between international youth leaders not only served as a bridge for students to understand different cultures but also provided opportunities for the flow of cultural elements of different countries.

The biggest highlight of the Youth Leaders Summit was that the entire process was completed by students themselves. We firmly believed that the goal of education was to assist students in being all they could possibly be and train them to become future leaders with international perspectives. For this goal, we not only provided our children with sufficient learning space and opportunities, but also an experiential training and education platform where they could start with every little thing, and then learn how to plan, cooperate and improve themselves. Through these practices, they could strive to become masters of their own future.

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