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 The power of action is to know more, while the depth of knowledge is to do more. On the last day of 2019, when we took a trip down the memory lane of this year, we will found that there were always some unforgettable moments.


In October, guests from Reading School UK visited Suzhou campus. Reading School Suzhou will start its term in September 2021. On December 16th, Mr. Cao Lunhua and his management team visited Reading School and awarded "Cao Lunhua Senior Education Prize" to excellent students.


On 3rd of April, Lunhua Education signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Nantong Coastal Group on "Nantong Foreign Language School Project", which was planning to sign a cooperative school agreement in August, and the school is expected to open in 2021.


On June 6th, under the witness Xuzhou Jiawang District government, Lunhua Education and Shanghai Minggang Steel Industrial co., LTD signed a cooperative agreement and reached the intention of cooperation. On August 30th, four parties, Lunhua Education, Shanghai Minggang, Pananhu Sub-district office of Xuzhou Jiawang District and  Xuzhou Jiawang District people's government, formally signed an agreement.  Xuzhou Reading School will be established in the science and education innovation zone of Pananhu Lake, which will be the second appearance of the famous British school in China.


On June 13th, Lunhua Education signed a contract with the management committee of Jining high-tech industrial development zone to formally take charge of the nine-year public school -- Liaohe New City Foreign Language School of Jining high-tech zone.



In the middle of June, Lunhua Education and Nantong Shangde Lunable Baby established a formal cooperation agreement. The kindergarten will open in September 2020.


On October 13th, Lunhua Education signed agreement with Xinli Holdings(Group). Both parties will deepen the cooperation and build up an international kindergarten in Suzhou Taihu National Tourism Vacation Zone. The kindergarten is expected to start in September, 2021.


4 kindergartens established in September: Suzhou SIP Mingcheng Wonderkids Kindergarten, Second Affiliated Kindergarten of SSFLS, Changshu Lunable Baby Kindergarten and Lunable Baby Qunxing Foreign Languages Kindergarten. Suzhou SIP Mingcheng Wonderkids Kindergarten is cooperated between Lunhua Education and Suzhou Broadcasting System, which is aimed at setting up an excellent model for public kindergartens.



Bohui Academy for Research in Education was established on September 26th, which is the exploration for improving education quality, reflecting and theorizing ideology in education and also a contribution to regional development.



On 19th of February, Lunhua Education and its affiliated schools signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with China Construction Bank Co., Ltd. SND Branch, to establish a long-term and stable cooperative relationship.



On 5th of January, the "A Tribute to Love" 2019 New Year's Public Charity Concert opened in Suzhou Culture and Arts Center, organized by Lunhua Education and Suzhou Science and Technology Town Foreign Language School.


On November 18th, Mr Cao Lunhua and his team visited Beichuan for the 10th time. They donated money and goods for the students. 10 years’contribution has helped the school with their teaching, facilities and vision development.



On 23rd of February, Mr. Cao Lunhua was awarded the prize of "Ten Years Ten People Achievement Award" at the annual meeting of CEIBS Suzhou Alumni Association, Mr. Cao was the only spokesperson in the field of education.


On November 1st, Mr. Cao Lunhua attended Communist Achievement Report Meeting as the Party construction representative of private education.



On 30th of March, a foreign talent job fair opened in SIP Suzhou. It was organized by the Information Research Center of International Talent, and hosted by Lunhua Education and Boren company, attracting more than 500 job candidates from all over the world.


In November, a large-scale job fair was held by entity schools of Lunhua  Education and nearly 5000 resumes were received. Among the candidates signed at the job fair, 50% are post graduate students with master's degree, and 30% are returnees from abroad.



 From 13th to 14th of May, Mr. Cao Lunhua, founder and president of Lunhua Education and the management team were invited to Beijing to attend the 3rd CERB Forum & Global Educational Resources Expo. Meanwhile, Mr. Cao Lunhua participated in the round-table forum as a special guest. He expressed his powerful and direct-impact views on the topic of "Principal Leadership and School Operation Management".


From June 14th to 16th, the fifth session of the international principal training course named "innovation management" was held at Suzhou Science and Technology Town Foreign Language School. Mr. Cao Lunhua gave a lecture entitled " A brilliant education -- the path of Lunhua Education". He shared Lunhua Education's concept, accumulation, exploration, practice and experience with listeners in a fast, concentrated and efficient way.


From October 9th to 11th, Mr. Cao Lunhua and his management team were invited to attend the 36th National Foreign Language School Annual Conference in Lanzhou.


From October 25th to 27th, Mr. Cao Lunhua led his team to attend the RAISE 2019 event held in Shenzhen. As a keynote speaker, he shared his experience in "building international educational community".



From July 29th to August 2nd, Lunhua Education middle and senior management training was held in Shanghai Jiaotong University. Lunhua education's middle and senior managers and Suzhou Science and Technology Town education alliance managers jointly ignited the engine of innovation for the future of education.



On November 4th, the First G5 International Young Leaders Summit was held at SSFLS. Delegates from Yishun Singapore, Bekasi Indonesia, Lincoln England, Brisbane Australia, Suzhou China, Taiwan China gathered at Suzhou. Student-led programmes highlighted this summit.


Happy New Year to 2020! This is more than just a sincere hope. This is a new dream and a fresh start. In the New Year, may we seize every day and live it to the full. May we join together and press ahead hand in hand.

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