The Final Chapter of Jihai 丨 Through the scenery throughout the year, we sincerely embrace time

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On January 19, 2020, at Suzhou Taihu Marriott Hotel, with the theme of "Inheritance and Integration", Lunhua Education's 2019 annual summary and commendation meeting was warmly presented. At the end of the lunar calendar, which symbolized a bumper harvest and richness, the Lunhua family came from all over the world and gathered together to look back on the achievements and gains of Lunhua Education over the past year and set sail to the boundless brilliance and possibility of a new year.

The key words of the annual conference were Heritance and Integration , which demonstrated the power of education. As the most ceremonial event of the year, the annual meeting carries a summary of the past and a vision of the future. We held a grand award ceremony. Each award carried the enthusiasm, wisdom and hard work of countless members from Lunhua Education, and each of their glittering frame on the stage was worthy of being treasured.




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