New Year Greeting | Persistence into Inheritance, Innovation in Fusion

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To those who are caring for, supporting and trusting Lunhua Education:


Hello everybody!
We wish you a happy New Year on behalf of Lunhua Education management and faculty.


One year consists of four seasons, twenty-four solar terms and seventy-two pentads. Over thousands of years, people perceive the changes of nature and record the marks of time. The sliver moonlight casts onto the earth year after year, creating similar scenes and evolving views.


This year, we accumulate and iterate, as the persistent way of learning. We have gradually changed a lot of old ideas, rules and systems that we did not understand, did not adapt to, or did not specialize in. Old ways of thinking have shackled us and slowed down our progress. We have the courage to break the rules and reinvent ourselves.


This year, we adhered to the DNA of our brand, thought critically for innovation and dug deeply into our cultural heritage. Led by our educational philosophy “broad knowledge for global citizens, enlightened wisdom for fulfilled lives” and practicing our tactic “Brand AwarenessExquisite ManagementAccedemic CurriculaActivity Carrier”, we firmly believe Lunhua Education owns the core energy to embark on a course of smooth sailing.


This year, we stayed true to our original aspiration and always bear in mind that “Professional work shall be carried out by professional people”. We perfected organization structure, safeguarding the corporation’s development. We established Bohui Education Institute, reshuffled the education and management system, and enriched culture and methods, searching for a development route suiting the contemporary foundational education of China, not only for the corporation’s schools, but also for all the peers in the educational industry.


This year, we targeted at quality and realized hard-core leaps in development. We deployed the big education ecology and set sail in expanding kindergarten and entity school scales in East China. We have accumulated 20 years of rich experience in education and are willing to become a world cultural field for more children to grow up.

This year, we have more teachers and students joining us. Currently Lunhua Education material schools have more than 18,000 students enrolled, close to foreign teachers and nearly 3,000 faculty! Lunhua Education is like a vibrant child growing every day. His roots are deep and his wings are in their infancy. All we need to do is to offer him the growing space as large as possible, allowing him to grow fully.


“Midnight is when the day begins; the Rat is the head of the Chinese zodiac”. Among the twelve animals representing the Chinese zodiac culture, the Rat symbolizes swiftness and cleverness. People attach special feelings to the Rat and envision it with fine imagination. Ancient Chinese people call twelve years a Period. The Rat year just stands for the beginning of a Period, tokening new hope. We believe running an educational corporation is art, even science. It beckons imagination, also requires in-depth work, experience, innovation and expansion. The mental principles and development passage of education, ultimately, lie in practitioners’ strategic insight, highly efficient execution and professional development.


Education is the cause of enlightening people. At Lunhua Education’s fifth annual meeting, we set the theme as “Fusion and Inheritance”, hoping to make use of educators' thoughts to brighten our way forward, so that wisdom can be passed on in different forms. We believe from beginning to end that even a glimmer shall warm a patch and despite weakness, those with strong belief shall persist. I believe the new year will have better harvest awaiting us!

At this very moment of ringing out the old year and ringing in the new, wish you all:

A lucky Rat year!

All the best!

Happy family reunion!

Happy new year

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