Remain true to our original aspiration and race firmly to the future -- Bohui Education Research Institute was officially established

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On September 26, the establishment ceremony of Lunhua Education Bohui Education Research Institute was held on the bank of the Taihu Lake. It aimed to establish a relevance, forward-looking, and open research system through the wisdom of experts and the in-depth practice of front-line educators. The research system not only provides wisdom power for the long-term development of Lunhua Education, but also strives to give its modest contribution to the development and progress of education in China.

Bohui Education Research Institute takes education research as the latitude, education practice as the longitude, and they are interlaced with each other to carry out the work. In order to conduct theoretical and educational research for future developmentthe school development research center and the education training center were set up to achieve this goal. The vision of Bohui Education Research Institute is to become a world-renowned education research institute. Its mission is to promote educational innovation through advanced education researches, emphasizing the values of innovation, professionalism, integrity and excellence.

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