Helping the world to fight against novel coronavirus epidemic, Lunhua Education is in action.

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The impact of the novel coronavirus epidemic worldwide has become increasingly severe and the situation is becoming more complex.

The virus is stateless and borderless. This is a common challenge,a global war of resistance for the whole human society; hence we need to unit. Recently, Lunhua Education has donated a batch of masks and other urgently needed supplies to the British and Spanish partners of the " Friendship Circle" to show China's role and the strength of Lunhua Education when the moment of truth came.

Reading School:We are most grateful for your generosity

Lunhua Education gave a helping hand in the first time and donated 5000 masks to the friendly partner British Reading School. The British school was very touched by our " assistance timely given ". Reverend Christopher Joseph Evans, the Vice-President of Reading School in the UK, even sent two letters of appreciation to express his gratitude to Lunhua Education.


GEC:At that times we see the real friends like my brother Cao and their team

Lunhua Education and the Spanish GEC are long-term friendly partners. They are developing together with the principles of mutual understanding and supporting each other in the cause of education.

We have urgently provided a batch of material assistance to meet the urgent need. Mr. Juan carlos, chairman of the GEC cultural and educational center said: At that time we see the real friends like my brother Cao and their team. We will beat this epidemic, with sacrifice and effort, but we will be going stronger.


SHA&LIA: We are always connected tightly with each other. 

When China achieved a phase achievement in the fight against the epidemic, sister-schools of Lunhua education, SHA and LIA send their sincere congratulations and cordial greetings.

This friendship touched us and made us firmly believe: Only by uniting each other in a strong force can we defeat the enemy. Lunhua Education is willing to do what we can to provide the school's anti-epidemic experience and share online education experience. We hope the best for our sister-schools and wish we cling together and move into this spring peacefully.

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