How Does Lunhua Education Resolve Problems in the International Education Industry Under the "Big Test" of Epidemic Situation?

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Despite the fact that the new coronavirus epidemic strikes the entire world and poses a challenge for the international education industry, it, on the other hand, provides an opportunity for the industry to achieve educational innovation. Recently, the founder and president of Lunhua Education, Mr. Cao Lunhua, was invited to participate in two live broadcasts. Centered around the mission of Lunhua Education“Broad Knowledge for Global Citizens, Enlightened Wisdom for Fulfilled Lives”, he sincerely communicated with his colleagues in the field of education and won wide acclaim from them.

In the "International Education Strategy Seminar under the Challenge of Global Epidemic Disease" co-sponsored by the Overseas Study Service Branch of China Education International Exchange Association and South-South International Education Think Tank Research Institute, Mr. Cao Lunhua carried out objective and professional data analysis based on the current situations of international education. At the same time, he presented the process evaluation of the international education and teaching in the schools under Lunhua Education Group.  He also shared meaningful instructional materials for teachers and students to improve their background knowledge. The seminar gained widespread attention from all walks of life. The nearly four-hour live broadcast attracted more than 260,000 viewers to watch in real time. It was also reported by People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency, China Education Television, China Daily and China Youth Daily.


In addition, Mr. Cao Lunhua was invited to be the guest of a lecture given by an aggregation platform of K12 international education resources the "Magic Lecturer" studio for public benefit courses in TopSchools. Entitled "Scientific Deployment, Unleashing the Momentum of Online Education", this lecture attracted more than 1,500 people to "circusee" and participate in the cloud discussion.


Facing the trend and strategy of educational informatization, Mr. Cao Lunhua took Bohui Research Institute of Education and Bohui online classes as examples to describe how Lunhua Education has been building a future-oriented life-long learning community.


Bohui online-class platform of Lunhua Education was meticulously designed in March 2020. Currently, more than 400 micro-lessons are available in 8 sections of the platform. Focusing on developing core literacy, the platform aggregates a large number of courses with high quality and provides original teaching contents. During the probation period, all proceeds will be donated to Suzhou Bohui Educational Development Foundation (a charity organization) to support public welfare undertakings.


With the thinking mode constantly innovated, the inertia broken down, and the cognition upgraded, Mr. Cao Lunhua is now leading Lunhua Education towards an innovative path.


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