“Accolade Earned”: Lunhua Education Group Named as “Disable-Aiding Company 2020”

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On May 17, 2020, Deputy Mayor of Suzhou, Cao Houling issued the certificate of “Disable-Aiding  Company 2020” to the founder and the general principle of Lunhua Education Group, Mr. Cao Lunhua for Lunhua Ed’s tremendous contribution in aiding the disable during the 30th “National Disable-Aiding Day” anniversary held in Guihua Park.

Lunhua Education Group has committed an unremitting effort in upholding its social responsibility. Lunhua Ed deems that every piece of support that people contribute, regardless of its size and weight, will boost the culmination of a benevolent community filled with love and caring for others. As a result, Lunhua Ed took the initiative, establishing “Bohui Education Fund” to provide necessary educational tools and other forms of assistance, helping children combat against autism, and improving their cognitive development and the chances of rehabilitation.

Furthermore, Lunhua Ed also held the “Bohui Cup” Art Exhibition to present autistic children’s drawings to the public, allowing the world to know those children better through their works, and to recognize and appreciate their effort to defeat autism and make a comeback. Meanwhile, such an exhibition will bestow hope and light to the parents, encouraging them to continuously support the cause of “disable-aiding”.

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