“Locked-N-Loaded” Suzhou Science Technology Town Foreign Language School’s Brand New “Strengthening Basic Disciplines and Fusion ” Curriculum Is Ready-To-Go

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Based on the social context and educational development, the Chinese Ministry of Education issued “An Opinion Regarding the Initiation of the Pilot Reform Program of Enrollment for Basic Subjects in Some Colleges”. This opinion serves as a guidance to promote the on-going educational reform that centers on the selection and cultivation of special talents. The reform is generally referred to as “Basic-Enhancement” for its emphasis on basic subjects’ education (i.e. mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, history, philosophy and ancient Chinese) and thus select a group of ambitious and gifted students to heed the call.

Correspondingly, Lunhua Education Group will pilot the “Strengthening Basic Disciplines and Fusion ” curriculum in SSTFL. Starting from Grade one and concentrating on the keywords “Basic Enhancement” and “Fusion”, the curriculum will adhere to Lunhua’s 6C standards and differentiate itself from others by aiming at  “Basic-Enhanced” “Fusion-Centered” “Inquisition-Encouraged” and “Procedure-Specified”. By doing so, Lunhua Ed hopes to customize its curriculum to meet the differentiated needs of the students and propel students’ holistic improvements, forging a nurturing cultural field for global citizens.

How Can Our “Strengthening Basic Disciplines and Fusion ” Curriculum Benefit You

Comprehensive reforms and innovations will be incorporated in the “Strengthening Basic Disciplines and Fusion ” curriculum that focused on the keywords “Basic-Enhancement” and “Fusion”, striving to instill the knowledge that students need to become globally competent and then voice their opinions in global discourses.

Basic-Enhancement reflects Lunhua’s “China Soul” and “China Root”: Lunhua treasures its Chinese identity and puts great weight on students’ moral education to ensure the values and education content that Lunhua delivers are always in alignment with the national standard. That being said, Lunhua will stick to the designated textbooks in the compulsory education stages to instill Chinese traditional cultures, customs and values to cultivate and boost students’ patriotism, collectivism and nationalism.

The term “Fusion” demands a combination of diverse cultures and educational pedagogies. Therefore, the curriculum will provide bilingual education, specialized courses with western elements, and studying abroad opportunities for deep immersion purpose.   

Furthermore, “Fusion” also refers to the joint force of Chinese and foreign educational elites. In Lunhua, local and foreign teachers work together to prepare lesson plans, exchange educational ideas and classroom management skills. As a result, students in such a dynamic  and diverse learning community are equipped with a global vision to see things from the other side and thus become globally competent.

Apart from the previous “fusion”, the inter-connectivity among subjects are also what defines our “Fusion”. Students will be trained to interpret an academic problem from multiple angles and solve it in a holistic approach. That way, rather than isolated and compartmentalized, knowledge is learned and reinforced in an inter-connected manner to optimize the students’ learning outcome.

What’s more, the “Fusion” also includes a hybrid delivery approach—the founding of “Bohui” online classroom allows Lunhua Ed to offer both online and offline education to its students, so they can select whatever model that fits them the most.  

On a separate note, in addition to core courses, “Strengthening Basic Disciplines and Fusion ” curriculum provides electives for students to choose from. The electives will spark students interests in multiple facets and encourage them to delve further during their academic researches.

In “Strengthening Basic Disciplines and Fusion ” lies infinite possibilities that to be fulfilled by our wonderful children. Lunhua Education, a radiant future awaits!

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