Lunhua Education Signed an Exclusive Agreement with Reading School

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At 11 am on Jun 26, British time, Lunhua Education signed an exclusive cooperation agreement with Reading school, opening a new chapter for China-Britain cooperative education.
As the only cooperative institution of Reading School in China, Lunhua Education enjoys the exclusive naming right of “Reading School” in China.

Mr. Cao Lunhua said: “Under the guidance of Reading School (UK), Reading School (China) will adopt a brand new educational model that embodies Chinese culture and strive to be a first-class school. I believe the unique educational wisdom of Reading School will take root in China and blossom soon.”

Reading School was founded in 1125, making it one of the 10 oldest schools in England. During its 900 year history the school was granted a Royal Charter by Queen Elizabeth I. Reading is one of the UK’s top performing government schools (consistently placed in the top 10 schools in the country). Graduating students go on to study at the UK’s top universities, (this year 33 students won places at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge). Reading School was selected as one of the most excellent schools in south-west England by The Sunday Times in year 2017.

At Reading School, we aspire to be a ‘World Class School’, with excellence at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to providing an inspirational environment for our students, where they are actively engaged in learning and optimistic that they can achieve. We enable them to develop leadership skills with an emphasis on integrity, teamwork and celebrating success.


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