4 days, 8 World-famous Universities: Build International Education Landscape with Dreams being the Engine

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    In the beginning of March, together with education group management, Mr. Cao Lunhua, the founder and general principal of Lunhua Education, went to world-famous Ivy League universities and some top universities in the United States to explore the cutting-edge educational concepts and experience a profound cultural background.

    Lunhua Education has left footprints in well-known universities, including Harvard University, Yale University, MIT, Columbia University, Princeton University, and University of Pennsylvania. Apart from this, the team had a chance to communicate with their admissions officers to know more about the standards of qualified students.

    Which is more important, A Level results or AP results? How to assess academic performance and general abilities? What are the criteria when Admissions Officers choose the candidates for the universities? How can we assess student leadership competence? These were some of the questions they focused on when communicating with them.

    With the invitation of College Board, the representatives of Lunhua Education visited its headquarters and accepted the school code from the College Board on March 6th.

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