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Due to the effort of Lunhua Education, the Bureau of Technology Innovation in Suzhou New District signed a cooperation agreement with Compton University of Madrid in Spain on July 19th, 2018. This was not only another round of expansion for Lunhua Education, but also opened a door for Suzhou New District to further develop external cooperation.

Compton University, which has a long history, spacious campus, and a wide array of disciplines, ranks first among Spanish public universities.

Lunhua Education will work closely with GEC to prepare and build the Suzhou Innovation Center of Compton University, contributing to the development of regional talents and integrated education. Additionally, Suzhou Innovation Center will play an important role in promoting the expansion and development of basic education, creating a complete international education chain and nurturing global citizens with an open mind, responsibility and aptitude. Apart from these, Lunhua Education Compton University will have more opportunities to carry out in-depth cooperation in the future.

Mr. Cao Lunhua gave his congratulations to the significant event. He mentioned, “The development of international education is heavily dependent on an open and comprehensive social environment. As an international education management institute, we have so far sent over 50 students to Spain for further education through the Spanish 1+2 Program. We will make use of our precious resources and build regional education representation.”

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