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On March 25th 2018, Mr. Cao Lunhua, the founder and general principal of Lunhua Education, and Miss Seema Paul, the IB Director of SSFLS went to Singapore to attend the IB world conference to discuss the reform and development of the curriculum.

This is the 50th anniversary of the foundation of IB program. Professional educators from all over the world gathered in Singapore to explore the future development of education. This IB conference, with “Shaping the Future” being the theme, attracted more attention to building a “Learning Community”.

The year 2017 witnessed the constant exploration of Lunhua Education.

In March 2017, Mr. Cao Lunhua attended an IB seminar held in Japan.

In June 2017, Mr. Cao Lunhua attended an IB seminar for principals held in Shanghai.

In August 2017, Sophie from IB Department went to Indonesia for immersed learning on PYP,

MYP and DP, building a more in-depth understanding of the curriculum and educational objectives of IB.

In September 2017, Seema, with rich IB experience, joined SSFLS, taking on the position of IB Director.

In November 2017, Seema, together with the IB teachers, went to Shenzhen to attend the firstsession of IB China Education Forum.

In November 2017, Cardiff City Football Club came to visit SSFLS. The two parties reached an agreement and the Club will offer authentic international PE curriculum to IB students.In January 2018, SSFLS had its first promotion of IB PYP curriculum.

On January 20th 2018, the first student interview for IB PYP was held and the first group ofstudents were admitted.

Mr. Cao Lunhua mentioned, “To start IB program is to cater to the specific requirements ofsociety for different talents, to offer high-quality international education and to create more waysand chances to develop international education. This is our choice and it is also our responsibility.”

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