Cross-cultural Foreign Language Education and International Talents Cultivation

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Education bears the weight of a nation's future, while language is the cultural medium. With the trend of globalization and the Belt and Road initiative, international education should take more responsibility in cultivating talents with a global vision for the future. 

Suzhou Science and Technology Town Foreign Language School held its first national cross-culture foreign language education seminar from April 19th to 21st, 2018. The goal of the seminar is to research cross-culture teaching and learning approaches, to explore China's foreign language course reform and development and to establish a world culture field for future elites.

The theme of this seminar is "to develop cross-culture foreign language education and to cultivate internationalized talents". During the seminar, many top foreign language education experts around the world were invited to give lectures and make comments on the demo classes given by teachers from top foreign language schools and other provincial experimental schools. The demo classes included primary and secondary school lessons, multilingual and STEAM lessons. This seminar explored the international education mode for Chinese students by learning from more comprehensive courses and more types of textbooks.

Two days, 4 themes, 6 academic lectures and 16 open classes, there was not only guidance from language teaching experts but also teaching presentation from front-line teachers, covering both language teaching experiences and comprehensive extension of inter-discipline exchanges.

Cao Lunhua, the founder and the general principal of Lunhua Education, gave a remark in the opening ceremony. He hoped that this seminar would build a platform for cross-cultural foreign language education and international talents cultivation and offer an opportunity for teachers to exchange ideas, helping integrate more contemporary features into language teaching and cultivate more talents with global competence.

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