Cooperating with Lujiazui Real Estate, Suzhou Reading School laid its foundation!

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In the morning of November 2, the signing ceremony of the cooperation between Suzhou Lunhua Education and Shanghai Lujiazui Real Estate as well as the groundbreaking ceremony of Suzhou Reading School were successfully held. It is the cooperation between the wise and the strong, infusing a vigorous innovation power into urban development and industrial upgrading.

It marks the official settlement of Suzhou Reading School, another entity school of Lunhua Education, in Xushuguan of High-tech Zone, which is the debut of the celebrated British Reading School in China. Suzhou Reading School is a nine-year school covering primary school education and junior middle school education. It will be put into use in September 2020. The school will adopt pure English-style education and assimilate the essence of Eastern and Western education philosophy, attempting to lead the education in the Suzhou North Canal Plate and then in the entire city of Suzhou.

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Millennial Canal: There is an inner force that keeps going ceaselessly forward

On February 24, 2017, the central leadership made an important instruction that protecting the Grand Canal is a shared responsibility of all areas along the canal. Under this instruction, the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal will gradually help to realize the coordinated development of the Yangtze River Delta region and vigorously promote the construction of the Canal Cultural Belt. This means that in the near future, the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal Zone will become a new development center for each city.

In recent years, Suzhou has taken the “Northward and Westward Expansion” as the guiding principle of urban development, and laid the formation of the North Canal Plate in Hushuguan. Therefore, Hushuguan is not only the axis of Suzhou's strategic development, but also a key area for industrial upgrading.

Wu Xinming, secretary of the Party Working Committee of High-tech Zone of Suzhou, had a cordial conversation with Benjamin Jiang, official representative of the British Consulate in China and Department of International Trade of Britain, Mark Faulkner, member of the Board of Directors of the British Reading School, Reverend Christopher Joseph Evans, Vice President of the British Reading School, and Richard Kemp, consultant of Suzhou Lunhua Education.

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1+1+1>3: Collaborating with a listed company of hundreds of billion market value and a celebrated university of a history of nearly one thousand years

At 10 am on November 2, the signing ceremony of the cooperation between Suzhou Lunhua Education and Shanghai Lujiazui Real Estate Cooperation and the groundbreaking ceremony of Suzhou Reading School was grandly opened. Municipal leaders of Suzhou, leaders of Suzhou High-tech Zone, leaders of Xushuguan, leaders of Lujiazui Cooperation, representatives of the UK, representatives of Lunhua Education Headquarters and Entity School attended the ceremony and witnessed the brand event of the city.

Mr. Cai Wei, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanghai Lujiazui Cooperation and Director of Shanghai Lujiazui Co., Ltd., said: “With the vigorous support of all levels of government in Suzhou, we have selected the best school and successfully cooperated with Suzhou Lunhua Education and the British Reading School. Lunhua Education is a visiting card of education in Suzhou; the British Reading School is also one of the most ancient grammar schools in the UK. Today, the cooperation of Lujiazui, Lunhua and Reading School opens the curtain of the bright future of Lujiazui.”

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Mr. Cao Lunhua, founder and president of Lunhua Education, said: "Suzhou Reading School will have not only the management mode of Lunhua Education, but also the pure English-style system of course management. The British Reading School will also send a foreign principal who has the full management of the school” At the same time, he also emphasized the social responsibility of Lunhua Education and Suzhou Reading School. "We are very willing to become a base for international teaching in Huguan District, and to radiate the high quality education resources to other regions."

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Mr. Mark Faulkner, member of the Board of Directors of the British Reading School, said: “Reading School has enthusiastically given its support to the ideas for a progressive and innovative strand of education in China developed through the experience and expertise of Mr Cao and Reading School is excited about the prospects made possible through the growing relationship with Chinese partners of such proven success.”

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Mr. Cao Houling, deputy mayor of Suzhou Municipal People's Government, also expressed his expectations and congratulations: “Lujiazui Cooperation chose to cooperate with Lunhua Education and settled the first Reading School in China in the High-tech Zone, which is an honor for Suzhou and the full affirmation of the education industry of Suzhou. It will further accelerate the pace of internationalization of education in our city. Today's signing ceremony marks a strong alliance between real estate and education, and it is a kind of cross-border trust. I believe that with this powerful cooperation Suzhou Reading School will develop into a shining visiting card of international education in the western part of Suzhou in the near future."

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The official signing of the cooperation agreement between Lunhua Education and Shanghai Lujiazui Real Estate creates a new engine for cooperative education.

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“Two Cities” × “Two Wits”: the integration of wisdom of Chinese and British educational philosophy

The British Reading School is a celebrated school with a history of nearly one thousand years and profound culture. To celebrate the groundbreaking ceremony, the School sent a special and precious gift-- a unique painting made of the stone from the initial construction of the British Reading School. It depicts the grandeur of the foundation of the British Reading School.

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Suzhou Reading School is located in Xushuguan of High-tech Zone, with a total land area of 35095.30 square meters and a total construction area of 50772.74 square meters. The school will be a nine-year boarding school with 45 classes. Among them, there are 30 classes of the primary school, including IB PYP, and Cambridge class, with an average of 25 students per class; and 15 classes in the middle school, including IB MYP and Cambridge class, with an average of 25 students per class. The school will officially start in September 2020.

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The school will provide a pure English-style education with an experienced management structure. It offers an opportunity for more students to enjoy the charm of “a different style of education" and the fusion of Chinese and Western educational philosophy, through proactive vision of the concept, precise docking of management, pure adherence to quality and powerful execution of strategy and with "exquisite management, professional courses, activity carriers"

Suzhou Reading School will construct a diverse school-based curriculum based on the standards of national compulsory education curriculum and the international curriculum system, focusing on four modules, that is, Excellence, Integrity, Leadership, and Community. It aims to build a learning community that transcends national borders and provide a scientific, comprehensive and colorful learning experience.

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